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FAM Technology


FAM stands for Fluid Additive Manufacturing, and it is an additive manufacturing process specially designed for RTV and LSR silicones. 
It’s the world’s first silicone 3D printing technology and has been patented in many countries.

It works with our software FAMufacture. All San Draw printers are powered by FAM.


To complement the capabilities of the dual-nozzle 3D printer for fluid materials,
we have developed two specialized technologies: INPA and IMSS. 


Independent Nozzle Position Adjustment

INPA is designed for dual-nozzle printers S300 and S180,

and it enables the two nozzles of S300 to move independently in the Z direction, which prevents the nozzle from interfering with the printed part.


Instant Material Stop System

When material extrusion is not required,

the automatic valve positioned above the nozzle can instantly shut off, preventing any material dripping from affecting the printed part.

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