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S180 Silicone 3D Printer

S180 Silicone 3D Printer

Based on the appropriate printing range of S053 and S300's exclusive INPA technology, which allows for the simultaneous printing of two-part silicone and water-soluble support material, we are proud to officially launch our latest model, the S180.


S180 is the world's first medium-sized silicone 3D printer that utilizes a motorized screw feeding system and is capable of printing water-soluble support materials.

Print Technology :

• FAM (Fluidic Additive Manufacturing)

• IMSS (Instant Material Stop System)

• INPA (Independent Nozzle Position Adjustment)

Software : FAMufacture

File Format : STL

Connectivity : USB cable, SD card

Operating System : Windows 10

Print Size : X150 x Y200 x Z100 mm

Printer Size : X490 x Y470 x Z630 mm

Net Weight : Approx. 30kg

Barrel Number : 3, (2 for silicone, 1 for water-soluble support) material)

Nozzle Number : 2, (1 for silicone, 1 for water-soluble support material)

Z Axis Motion : Stepper motor w/ screw

Z Positioning Accuracy : ±0.04mm

XY Positioning Accuracy : ±0.04mm

Layer Thickness : 0.01~0.2mm

Nozzle Diameter: 0.2mm, 0.4mm

Nozzle Valve : Yes

Calibration : Automatic

Silicone Compatibility : SIL30, SIL50, SIL70, SIL65

Silicone Curing : Heat cure by oven

Support Material : Silicone & Water-soluble support material

Third-party Material Compatibility : Yes (silicone, hydrogel, ceramic gel, food gel, etc.…)

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