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Medical simulation training has been used by many medical departments, and it is useful specially for Otolaryngology since the anatomical structure is complex. In order to promote temporal bones grinding, a fundamental research lab of Otolaryngology in Taiwan plans to track temporal bones surgery training and each doctor’s learning records.

From the article below, you would learn the reason why the fundamental research lab of Otolaryngology choose the 3D printing solution provided by San Draw and benefits from technique learning with the anatomical model.

Case Study - Temporal Bones Surgery Trainer

Ear is essential to our body, and otology microscopy is a complicated and elegant surgery. It is important for medical students to learn anatomy of ear and various surgical skills since many otology diseases are treated with surgeries. Some medical research centers establish temporal anatomy lab to train doctors with cadaver.

In the past, cadaver is the only option for medical students to practice, so it is relatively hard to train an otology microscopy surgeon. A prestigious medical center in Taiwan adopts our 3D printed anatomical models on which doctors can practice.

The fundamental research lab of Otolaryngology endeavors to innovate temporal bones surgery training and improve education quality. However, cadaver is the only option in the past, while temporal bones are hard to be obtained. The research team at the lab uses 3D printing to create temporal bones model to practice.

To offer the best solution, San Draw printed a temporal model with FAM silicone 3D printing technology and performed simulated surgeries on the model. Closely working with the lab, San Draw ensured the final design can meet the need of training which helps the surgery preparation.

With production-ready 3D printing technology and unique material, San Draw eliminate production barriers of mass production and create models in a short run. Our FAM technology saves molding and assembly time, so it is a good fir to medical application.

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