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Silicone 3D Printer That Outperforms

Patented FAM Technology

FAM stands for Fluid Additive Manufacturing, and it's a 3D printing technology specially designed for LSR silicone and RTV silicone. We provide multiple silicone selections, and many of them are certified by ISO10993, delivering great bio-compatibility. FAM is also the first commercialized silicone 3D printing technology.

Unmatched Advantages

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Silicone For Real-World Applications

We develop silicones with different features to apply to your versatile applications, including high elasticity, life-like touch, high strength, and high rigidity.


Many of our silicones are certified by ISO10993, making it suitable for medical device, medical simulator, wearable, and prosthesis.

Bridging prototyping & mass production

We develop a series of 3D printing LSR with similar mechanical properties to injection molding LSR, enabling a seamless transition from prototyping with S200 or S052 Silicone 3D Printer to mass production with injection molding machine.

Silicone 3D Printer

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Real-World Applications

Suture Trainer

The model is 3D printed by S052 printer with SIL18 and SIL28 silicone. It delivers better suture feel and durability than other casting products.