3D Printed Angioma Surgery Trainer


With FAM silicone 3D printing technology, San Draw develops surgery simulation solution for medical students and surgeons to build up experiences of real-life surgeries, in consideration of user experience. We combine material science of soft silicone and innovative hardware system into FAM silicone 3D printing technology that gives realistic texture to silicone products. In the following case of angioma trainer, we would share how FAM technology helps medical education.

Case Study – Angioma

Minimally invasive percutaneous transluminal angioplasty is a procedure to place a stent inside a abdominal aorta to isolate an abdominal aneurysm. Advantages include shorter recovery time, smaller incisions, and lower infection rate.

Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty however requires extensive training and experiences to evaluate information obtained from equipment. The surgery is performed without visualization, so repetitive practices is essential to success of the surgery. Thanks to silicone 3D printing technology, San Draw develops different angioma models for medical students, which can not be done before.

We work with a medical school to develop angioma trainers for different aspects of the surgery  according to doctors’ profession and data. With innovative silicone 3D printing technology, medical students can learn the surgery before practicing on patients. Moreover, it is unlikely to practice different types of angioma surgery, so training models in various form are helpful to learning.

San Draw overcame above challenges and pushed medical simulation to the new stage. Without tradition molding, we developed various angioma models in shorter lead time. The models allowed medical schools to create standard procedures and techniques to handle conditions during a surgery.

The angioma model is made of multiple types of silicone, in grid internal structure, to truly reflect the hardness and texture of an angioma. The trainer is also durable and of realistic color. The unique and innovative process shows our capability to solve real-life simulation problems with silicone 3D printing.

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