Advanced Lobectomy Trainer


To improve medicine development and training quality, leading medical schools start using silicone medical trainers as training devices in replacement of animals. San Draw develops truly a realistic lobectomy trainer with cutting-edge FAM silicone 3D printing.

The advanced lobectomy trainer developed by San Draw, composed of lobes of lung, airways, arteries, veins, and mucosa, simulates realistic texture of human organs and bleeding. The trainer has two operation modes: breathing mode and surgery mode, and it can replicate human breathing. This lobectomy trainer allows surgeons to practice advanced skills, benefiting patients in a long run.


Case Study – Advanced Lobectomy Trainer

In the past, lobectomy surgery requires cutting and opening ribs before cleaning tumors and lymph nodes from the back of thoracic cavity, leaving a 20 cm or longer wound. The recovery take a long time with possibility of infection.

In recent years, multiple-port VATS is used in many thoracic surgery. Endoscope and devices are passed through two to four wounds and gaps between ribs, and surgeons perform sophisticated tissue cutting, vascular surgery, and tumor removal. Currently, single-port VATS is adopted to minimize incision, pain, and chance of complication., but the technique requires more training.

Single-port VATS, compared to multiple-port VATS, is more challenging to surgeons because endoscope and tools are like to interfere with each other since they all pass through a single tubing. Moreover, when performing veins and bronchus cutting, it is hard to move a surgical stapler through tissue and the procedure may be to modified. 


Detailed introduction:

a. Heart model*1

b. Diaphragm model*1

c. Three right lobes containing bronchus and static/arterial*1

d. Right half sternum*1

e. Right half chest skin*1

f. Electromechanical control box*1

g. AC wire connector*1

h. Mucosal supplement tank*1

i. Red pigment powder*1

j. Size:50×30×40cm

k. Weight:15kg

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Technology supports our society. With state-of-the-art FAM silicone 3D printing technology, San Draw specializes in medical application and develops Advanced Lobectomy Trainer to promote lobectomy surgery. The model is used by a medical school on single-port VATS training course as it can truly simulate real-life surgery.

We are offering advanced lobectomy trainer and provide surgeons more options to practice VATS comprehensively.

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