The Economical Way to Accelerate Your Silicone Projects

US$ 3,499


The longitudinal layout results in excellent print to printer ratio (print volume / printer volume).


The special motion system can reduce the loading of printing module, reduce mechanical vibration, and increase printing quality.


We use 6063 aluminum extrusion as the main frame, and we use aluminum CNC plates as sub-frames, making it strong, precise, and light.


Equipped with high-precision aluminum linear translation stage.


The special design of barrel, piston, and O-ring can withstand the force more than 100 kgf. The end of barrel is threaded, making it easy to load and unload to the printer.

Technical Specification

Print Technology:  Fluid Additive Manufacturing (FAM)

Software:  FAMufacture

File Type:  STL

Operating System:  Windows 10

Print Volume:  X200 x Y150 x Z100 mm

Printer Dimension:  X460 x Y350 x Z440 mm

Barrel Number:  1

Nozzle Number:  1

Z Axis Motion:  Stepper motor w/ screw

Print Bed Leveling:  Aluminum linear translation stage

XY Resolution:  0.2 mm

Suggested Layer Thickness:  0.2 mm

Nozzle Diameter:  0.4 mm & 0.2 mm

Material Compatibility:  SIL18, SIL28

Power Requirement:  110V, 250W

Material Compatibility

S050 is compatible with SIL18 and SIL28. They are 1-part RTV silicone specially designed for 3D printing, and they are known for its human-like touch.